Clarence WhiteのBOXセット発売中止か?

早くCD+ミニDVD来ないかな~ そんな中発売元からメール
>Another question that is often ask is "What happen to the planned Clarence White Box Set?" That plan went out the window when I figured the costs involved to release everything available in just one set was beyond my means or reality. It would have cost in the five figures. So since the release of "Clarence White-33 Guitar Instrumentals" CD, followed by "Guitar Workshop" DVD, "Flatpick" and now the soon to be released, "White Lightnin", the box set has been replaced by the release of these individual titles. It was the only way feasible to do it. I could not find a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffett type to finance such an project.

資金難の為 中止のようでその代り、BOXに含まれる筈だった5作品を発売
概発の3作品と今回で4点 最後の1点が予定されてる模様 BOXは仕方ないので最後の
こんな人にスポンサーになってほしいな~と「Bill Gates or a Warren Buffett」あまりに
ビッグネームですが、typeと書いてるのがお茶目です 笑い

33 Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals
33 Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals
Guitar Workshop
Guitar Workshop

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